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"Surround yourself with furnishings that speak directly to your emotions and you will be happy every single day" 

Ben has been 'hunting and gathering' beautiful interior products for years. His first foray into the industry was to promote existing and up-and-coming artists through a series of successful art shows.

Now Ben has the opportunity to expand on this vision to include unique and desirable interior furnishings. 

"Whenever I travel, I find myself wondering just how I'm going to fit everything in my bags.  I'm always searching for that 'something' special."

"I've been known to ditch a whole bag of clothes just to make room for that perfect piece."



"I love to create order. It's the challenge of manipulating spaces, textures and colours to create harmony that excites me".

 "You cannot underestimate the influence that beautiful, ordered spaces have on us. And there is no more important space than your home".

 "As a heritage specialist, I'm very aware how objects and spaces can communicate our values; our hopes and dreams; our personalities".

Daniel's love of collecting extends beyond interior furnishings. "Yes, I'm addicted to collecting music, records and CDs. I'm continually tracking down limited edition sleeves and rare mixes. I'm always hunting down and gathering the things I love around me".